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There are two distinctly different types of tourist, the type that are seeking sightseeing opportunities and the type who crave adventure. You can get a sense as far as the type you are by thinking about obvious questions like “do you want to book a hotel in advance or will you find one when you get there?” Adventure travel is more about an attitude than a plan, as adventure travelers would rather simply explore an area with little direction instead of being shuttled from place to place. Adventure travelers want to make their own path, and enjoy finding the things that make them happy instead of the things that the guidebooks talk about. An adventure traveler is looking for experience instead of simply taking pictures. They want to eat and drink with the locals, see the plants and wildlife and learn about the area by experiencing what makes it unique. Adventure travelers are a breed of their own.Zipline Park

One of the newest trends in adventure travel is the private tour. These products are typically offered by tour companies who specialize in specific areas like national parks, and who have packages that are designed to make the most out of a tour while appealing to a wide variety of people. Everyone will typically be looking for different things when they get to an area, and the tour company needs to appeal to the entire group of diverse tastes. This means that they are not going to be able to give the completely personal experience that adventure travelers are seeking, unless a private tour is arranged. A private tour of national parks and protected areas is going to allow the person or people of the group to make the decisions as far as where you go and what you do. The tour guide for a private tour is chosen based upon an intimate knowledge of the area, and their ability to deviate from a set path in order to shape the experiences of the private group. No time is wasted doing things that the group does not want to do, and as a result the experience truly is once in a lifetime.
An adventure traveler on a personal tour is more like Indiana Jones than a sightseer. You have arranged a guide that knows the area and can give you advice, but the adventure is yours to have. They will give you pointers along the way and get you to the areas that you want, but you are far more in control of your experience. The true adventure traveler will feel like they are on a quest or an epic journey, instead of a simple tour. They will get to know the people and culture of an area, and will stay as long or as short a time as they want. Typically a private tour will cost more than a standard tour of a national park, but if you are looking for a unique experience it is completely worth it. Try booking a private tour of a national park today, and you will understand the difference.