Evacuation Chairs In The Workplace

Evacuation Chairs are at their most useful to extract disabled people from dangerous high-rise buildings or those with mobility problems. These are most widely used where travel across narrow corridors and passageways and up or down stairwells is possible. It is common practice, in high-rise incidents, to shut off lifts and operate elevators using the stairs as the only way to escape. This can prove difficult for people who have difficulty walking or those dependent on wheelchairs. This is when chairs to evacuate come into their own. Come watch and join us at this website.


Who needs the help of these specialized rescue chairs may not be immediately apparent, but it may include wheelchair users, senior citizens, people with heart conditions and people with mobility issues. Evacuation chairs provide the easiest and fastest ways of helping people leave a building during an evacuation and come in various styles.

The chairs are equipped with extra wide foot and armrests, comfort headrests and, most importantly, an extra long wheelbase for successful negotiation of stairways.

There are three standard evacuation chair designs, the first relies on one or two people who support and guide the chair and the occupant down the stairs. They have accompanying wheels that allow to roll smoothly over flat surfaces and to descend gently on each step.

The second type is designed to eliminate the need for any physical intervention and should the chair require support, it is able to lower itself down stairs with an assistant at hand. The third rescue chair system is built exclusively for wheelchair users. The evacuation system is mounted on their normal chair and enables them to negotiate stairwells safely during an emergency.

Good maintenance and a trained staff are another important part of evacuation chairs. These chairs are not common equipment and having trained staff who can assemble and attach the chair quickly is just as important as helping individuals get downstairs during an emergency. In these circumstances, there is often not much time so it is essential that first aid staff have attended training courses in the use and deployment of evacuation chairs. Most vendors do provide workplace training which will guarantee that the seats are used properly and to their full potential.