Housing Painting Process – The Correct Steps To Painting A House

Are you searching for the right painting process for your house? If so then there is information in this article that you will find useful. The right steps to paint a house aren’t complicated but if you don’t apply any of them you may find yourself painting your home more often than you would like. You can be sure that your home exterior will be covered for many years by paying attention to the steps below and taking your time with each one of them! Checkout Tips to paint a house for more info.

Phase One-The Replacement of Old Paint:

You must remove any old paint that’s currently on your home before something can happen. Power washing by using a round disk tool with a sanding attachment is the safest approaches for removing exterior paint. However the power washer can strip most flakes and soft spot. Such devices may typically be leased for a small cost per day.

Phase Two-Surface Preparedness:

After all the old material has been extracted you must now plan to render the surface smooth before adding any primer or paint. The easiest way to smooth out the surface is to use a power sander or belt sander. It will take some time to sand the surface but this is the most important part of the house painting process.

Phase three-Add Paint and Primer:

Now it’s time to paint! Well technically not exactly, you have to add a coat or two of the exterior priming first. Primer makes the paint adhere better and provides extra protection to your house. When the primer is applied and dried for a day then painting can be finished. For most homes the best method is to use a spray gun. If you can’t use a spray gun or don’t want to use it then using a brush will give you the best results but it will take a lot of time and could take many days.

Final phase-Application to Stain:

Paint Stain is a much harder substance to adhere to the surface than is the priming and paint. Stain is much thinner and more runny than the thicker paints and primers. So take your time and use a brush, don’t make a mess by attempting to go fast. The better you apply the stain, the happier you will be on new paint coat with your homes!

Well there you have it, the basic method of painting the exterior of your house. Though it will take some time, persistence and, of course, some materials and items like priming, painting and staining! Have fun and make something you’ll be proud of about your idea.